Komen Crisis Management Attempt Works Against Them – Big Time

February 2, 2012 at 5:42 pm Leave a comment

The Susan G. Komen self-defense is making matter worse for them.  Their YouTube explanation is a good example of how NOT to handle a crisis.

The video is long, self-justifying and takes up 2/3 of it with worthless explanations that dodge the issue.  If you’re going to use YouTube, get to the heart of the matter quickly.  This strategy strikes me as a giant stall and sleight-of-hand to distract us for the real issue.  The lesson for every #crisismanger is this: meet your critics head-on.  Stalling with good words, mission statements and policy explanations makes us wonder what you’re NOT saying.

As a long-time fan of both #SusanGKomen and #Planned Parenthood, I have to say the #Komen folks are coming off here as the villains and Planned Parenthood’s looking like the victim.  Not a good interplay for #Komen.  We know who we root for and it’s not the villains!

UPDATE FEB. 3: Looks like someone at #Komen wasn’t tone deaf.  Decision was reversed today: http://bit.ly/wHUUfP.  It’s a start now GO OUT THERE AND START REBUILDIING YOUR REPUTATION, KOMEN.  You’ve got a way to go!


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